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Auto Updater

Introducing Auto Updater - the Unity asset that simplifies application updates and gives you complete control over the process.

With Auto Updater, you can automatically update your application whenever you release a new version. It is designed in a modular way, so you can choose which components to use and easily create your own user interface for the launcher application. You can even use a console window if you prefer.

With Auto Updater, you can be confident that your users are always running the latest and most stable version of your application, which can
improve performance and reliability.

Auto Updater uses the launcher approach, which means there is a launcher application (made in Unity) that runs before the game is launched. The launcher checks if the current version is the latest or is missing, and then downloads and
installs the game if it's out of date or not installed. This ensures
that your users always have access to the latest version of your game.

In addition to its core features, Auto Updater also supports Mirror
Networking and Fish-Net, so you don't have to set up your own web
server. And if you prefer hosting your files on your own machine, you
can use the included HTTP server or one of the integration packages.
Auto Updater is currently only supported on Windows.

Windows Demo
Online Documentation